The Inner Call

Under a canvas of vibrant sunset colors, listening to the music of the flowing wind in the company of a leisurely strolling peacock, I laid on a stone carved seat in the middle of the Thar Desert where sand dunes stretched till eternity, I laid there becharming the sun paint the sky in tints of pinks and lilacs and then slowly dip itself in it. Ah! A masterpiece indeed!

Oh? But wait. Was it a dream?

Perhaps. No. Not this time.

Rather, ‘twas ‘A dream come true’.

I laid there A-W-E-S-T-R-U-C-K, looking at the psychedelic canvas and being love-lost in picking up the torn, and bruised chapters from the book of my journey so far.

  1. What does it offer you?

I was 17 y/o when I first took the leap of faith and followed my passion to travel, this further motivated me to self-fund my travels as a student. So, Steps and Streets is where you can virtually explore and practically itinerize offbeat corners in the cities and the outskirts, find tips on budget and solo travel; narrowed down to prioritizing and funding your travels as a student.

2. What?

Hello my Friend! Welcome to ‘Steps and Streets’ where random wanderings are weaved into travel tales, where lost-&-found kindness is treasured, where unmatched dumbness is measured as a lesson learnt, where out of the blue chaos on the road is accepted and stringed in as a beautiful memory, where strangers are photographed, offbeat places are unveiled and where Sunset colors form the palette of my life’s masterpiece.

If said well, Steps and Streets is where all my city streets and countryside explorations are stitched in as stories and cherished as a souvenir bought from a faraway land that rests within.

3. Who?

Hi! It’s me, Tanisha Guin sitting right on the other side of your screen , an amorous lover of Sunrises and Sunsets. I love balancing the scales of my life by chasing the city lights until I crave to rest and dwell in a sound and scenic countryside elude.

Put up simply, hailing from Mumbai and having a family back in rural West Bengal, I am a mix of both worlds. At once I crave to indulge in the rush of a jam-packed city while in the next I might completely be comfortable in marooning myself in a distant land. I crave for being around people as much I pant to be in my own company. Well, that’s me fancied in the realm of being the truest of myself.

However, realistically I am a Sociology graduate unlearning, relearning and imparting my life’s lessons in a tiny hamlet - Tilonia in Rajasthan, India. While my life in Tilonia could be summed up as an English facilitator to the toddlers of a rural school, it is travel blogging that encourages me to step out of my humdrum and turn towards the wanderer within.

By every means, social work and travel blogging are my passion-calls, the two sides of the same coin, but travel is what keeps me going during my unenthusiastic days and motivates me to expand my horizon and add lilacs to the otherwise orange sunset sky.

Well, that’s where all of it started right?

Let’s get in there! Shall we?

4. Why?

Year 2015, I sat by the Sabarmati riverfront staring blankly at the ebb of the flowing river, wondering; ‘Nothing is as stagnant as a monotony hit human mind, for that case, not even the river draped in silence’. It was a sentiment. The one I brought back. Back home.

Every time I chased trains, every time I tugged and squeezed to board a local, every time I got into a rut, I carried the sentiment. I carried it along from Ahmedabad to Mumbai. I was a 17 y/o college girl. Regular lectures. French lessons. Internships. Everything went on. One after the other. Classrooms changed. Levels promoted. Skills upgraded. Yet, it felt as such I still sat by the Sabarmati riverfront staring at the flowing ebb.

30 days down the line. a long story turned short.

White walls. Nude Paintings. Wooden stairs. A mute room. And. Undeciphered art. I felt like a tourist in my own city.

I stepped out. Walked past the street murals. Across the red traffic lights, stood my glorious college building. The other side stood I, feeling Fresh. New. Mindful. Excited. And, at Peace. I understood it to be something unusual. Like a river of emotions flowing through. But, this time, not like the ebb of the Sabarmati. Something different. A lot better. A tempt. A breakthrough. Deep through the wavelengths of my mind, I had chosen to take charge of the ordinary rut and boredom. I had chosen to redefine my student schedule.

I stood there watching the lights go red-yellow-green and had mindfully set off to recollect bits of my self from the Garo-Khasi hills of Meghalaya and awaken my dead soul from the World War - || cemetery of Kohima (Nagaland), fish my floating mind through the flowing waters of Brahmaputra in Assam, catch my breath under the golden sky in Udaipur (Rajasthan), time-travel in the timeless Vijay Vilas palace in Kutch (Gujarat), and taste salt and silence by the banks of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad (Gujarat).

Upon gathering all my courage from parts across India, I had now found an answer to my inner call. I knew if at all it was anything above everything else, it was ‘to travel’ and to learn what this wide world chose to teach me. I took my very first ‘step’ on the ‘streets’ of my own city. I stepped out. Out of my comfort zone.

While travel has always had an ace in my life, it was in the shanty slums of Dharavi that I learnt the best of my wisdom. My tenure as a language facilitator in an NGO ~ Dharavi Diary intrigued and pushed me enough to open my eyes and ears to the city that breathes dynamics. The difficult lifestyle in Dharavi shifted my paradigm about travel.

That’s when I finally realised, well, Oh! my city can awaken me to unimaginative horizons. And I don’t ‘always’ need to define travel to be some far-fetched destination!

Till today, this very thought has parented ‘steps and streets’ ~ Taking that first step to wander in the streets of your home base.

5. My Travel Style

Now that you know I am a mix of both worlds, I happily keep juggling from being a keen-eyed city girl to shutting my eyes under a calm sunset sky in the countryside. While wandering in the hassle of a busy city can really pace me up with the moving world it’s only then how wonderfully it teaches me to relax in the silence of the offbeat.

Solo travel is what has taught me the best of my lessons however travelling with a companion having similar mindsets is what keeps my explorations brimming with newness and enthusiasm.

So, What’s happening now?

Presently, I am based in Rajasthan for a year and I am open to collaborating with companies across India which offer offbeat travel experiences.

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It’s been a long conversation so far; let’s hangout here!

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