Let Creative Content be King this 2019 ~ The app that's made for Content Creators be it 'Macro' or 'Micro'

The last time I was sitting by the bay in Bombay overlooking the golden hues of the Sunset, I remember having an intriguing conversation with a dear friend on how social media has evolved over the years. Infact, this is the age that has exposed young creative minds to explore their creativity and make a living out of it; be it Blogging, YouTube or Social Media.

With all of this being said, I, myself as a content creator have chosen to expand my reach over a new social media platform ~ TUBBR.

Here are all the reasons why I’ve started loving TUBBR (my new virtual buddy):

World’s First-ever P-e-r-s-o-n-a-l Social Network!

Yes, you heard it right! TUBBR breathes content. And content in TUBBR is displayed in the form of walls. Every user is offered the feature of having ‘Public Walls’ as well as ‘Private Walls’. Hence, the tag!

Public Walls are where I post content that is visible to all the TUBBR users. On the other hand, Private Walls are the one where I certainly get to choose with whom I would like to privately share my content. In this way, I get to share bits and pieces of my journeys either privately or personally depending on the stories. This also lets me save a lot of my time in NOT juggling between multiple accounts and having all my shareable content stacked in one account and categorised well under different content walls.

Curious, how this works?

To be updated about the new content dropping in directly to your feed, all you have to do is ‘Subscribe’ to the walls you like. That’s it.

Since, the time I’ve been using TUBBR, I have two public walls; Tryst with Travel (where I post about my travel experiences) and Rants from the Road (where I show the not-so-rosy-reality of my travels).

Growing a virtual family is just a step-away

Every upload on TUBBR gives me an option to add relevant links of either my Instagram story, Facebook post or a popular blog article to keep my valued reader base (which is YOU) in the loop of all my content. This is what helps me build an audience who value my travel content.

Zero Commercialisation

TUBBR is a free-to-use app and with all the perks placed well, it is totally ad-free. The only way that helps me build a loyal reader base is by posting content consistently.

The ‘only’ social media platform that values all of its users

When I said, TUBBR breathes content and focuses majorly on content creators be it ‘micro’ or ‘macro’ what I meant is, the app specifically holds a ‘Featured’ section where good content posted by users is featured to meet a larger audience; app-wide.

Exposure to a pure and an organic audience

This is absolutely what I love the most. Currently, TUBBR is allowing invite-only access. Simply put, you can be a part of my virtual family by using my access code NZWD65 to sign up [only 100 invites, so buckle up?]. This not only promotes organic growth but also helps me in filtering my user base in terms of a clear targeted niche.

With a spree of social media apps blooming in the market, I am glad to have found an engaging audience through TUBBR.

Are you too a content creator? What channels do you use to build your audience?

I wrote this post in collaboration with TUBBR. However, the opinions stated here are completely my own.

To download the app - Android users visit here, Apple users visit here.

For easier UI experience, check out this video tutorial here